Knox Custom Chrome Repair Policy

Chrome BumpersWe do HIGH quality, custom bumper repairing and driver quality plating as well as plating on various miscellaneous steel items. Our pricing includes: minor straightening, minor welding, sandblasting, metal finishing, polishing, and bright nickel/decorative chrome plating. Due to the nature of our work and the fact that each bumper job is individually unique and very labor intensive, we do not offer body shop discounts or volume discounts. We stress quality and we are not a high volume, production oriented shop – we do not compete with aftermarket pricing.

Please note, if you are looking for a show quality finish, we do charge an additional 30% on top of our standard pricing.  Also, if you have a concours car, we charge double the standard price shown in our price catalog.

We have an additional charge for bumpers (parts) that require extensive (brass) welding or metal replacement due to rust-thru. Many times we are unable to determine if a part will need this type of repair until we acid clean and sandblast the part. Then our rate is $75 per hour. There are very few shops that have this ability to repair your part back to a solid condition. Remember, we are working with parts that are often 30-60 years old! Most customers simply want their part fixed correctly and give us permission in advance to do this type of repair if required. If you want to be notified of any additional charges before they are made – please let us know when you leave the part.

*Please do NOT attempt to do your own welding.  We will NOT under any circumstances attempt to repair or replate any welding done by a customer.



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